St. Petersburg - Clearwater International Airport (PIE)

Address: 14700 Terminal Blvd
Phone: (727) 453-7800
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Check Ins: 14183


  • 93.3 FLZ

    When you get in the car, turn us on! We'll return the favor. ;)
  • Cory Day

    Watch out for the body scanners!!!
  • Georgia Naruns

    Ahhhh... Body scanned for the first time!!!
  • Meredyth Censullo Frameli

    Save $$ on convenience charges w/Allegient Airlines by buying tickets at the counter instead of online or phone. It's a pain, but worth the savings.
  • Paula Miller

    Safe arrival to Tampa
  • Melody S.

    Their terminal code is PIE. That is all.
  • ?Beach Drive Inn?

    Great airport!!
  • Lauren Bingham

    No Starbucks :(
  • Dan

    Back to the gens of everyday life.
  • Megan Blaugh

    Don't rush down to baggage claim for your bags no matter what you will still be waiting when you get there. You have time for a smoke!
  • Ashley Barrett

    There's a restaurant upstairs also one inside the gate area! :) both with bar and grill.
  • Patricia Belcher

    Be careful they are strict about the 40 lbs weight on luggage
  • New Media Travel

    You have to see the Dali Musem in St. Petes. Great museum. Wild artist.
  • Sadie

    Got my JetSetter Badge Here!!
  • Jason T. Hauser

    Quick check ins, short, friendly TSA lines, easy egress. Great little airport, beats the big boys hands down!
  • Lance L

    Try vacation taxi and skip United or yellow.
  • Martha Metcalfe

    Def get your magazines before security...the newsstand by the gates stinks!
  • Gordon Wysocki

    Great airport to fly out of.
  • Tracey Johnson

    My daughter flew out of this airport to Milwaukee, Very nice, Not so busy small airport.. Was very nice no hussle and bussle. And my son and daughter also work at the (PIE)
  • Paul Amlin

    Old school steps to the tarmac!
  • Phyllis Burch

    I was here yesterday. Small nice airport. be back on sunday!
  • Jessica Muhs

    Don't go to the Sam Adams pub, the bar tender is a complete asshole
  • Karaly

    Be mindful of the duck family that made it's home in the planter outside the baggage claim doors. :)
  • sheila carlson

    Baggage Claim takes FOREVER!!!!!!!
  • Nicole Johnson

    If you flying Allegiant download the app, check in get your e-boarding pass...smooth sailing!
  • Andros Minas

    Whatever you do never take Allegiant Air unless you have no purpose in life. Worse airline ever ever ever.
  • R. Kevin Delaney

    Arrived early to find people who have been here all day waiting for delayed flights
  • Christopher Craib

    Check in online and avoid the long ticket waits. Get there at least 1.5 hours ahead of time to get through security.
  • Meagan

    First place iv ever had to go in a full body scanner! Little strange cause its a very small airport.
  • Jonathan Perry

    I work here it's not that bad as people say and I don't think that we would separate parents and kids ever unless it was required.
  • Katie White

    There were out of bagels seriously
  • Becky Kaiser

    Plan to wait awhile for your luggage, but otherwise very pleasant.
  • Beonca????

    Be careful driving in....people drive crazy
  • Brett Marcus

    Just seen a nice old lady in a wheelchair go through body scanner then still had to take place in a physical pat down. So much for body scanners
  • Don Renyer

    The Sam Adams Pub has horrible service and charged me $8 for a draft beer! I know airport bars are expensive but this is ridiculous.
  • Kimmins Corp

    Working on the construction part of the airport.
  • edward

    Taxi and shuttle service available with express flat rate taxi and shuttle service. 727-290-7465
  • Shane Smitley

    Picking up mom
  • Dawn Rettinger

    Easy airport...bad wifi. Load your boarding passes early! no need to get here more than 11/2 hours early. Nice c easy airport in lieu of Tampa!
  • Cathy Hammel

    Security was a breeze
  • kaan

    Miss you St petersburg
  • Terri Lewis

    Heading to Lewis Estates!
  • Christy Randolph

    Great place.
  • John Elder

    The WiFi is great.
  • Lisa Starks

    Check in online and don't check bags, then you can go straight through security to your gate...the check in lines are nuts!
  • Emily Burchett

    Allegiant is quickly getting on my shit list
  • Emily Burchett

    Had two security checks, be sure you have the right one ogre you have to start over, almost missed the plane
  • Teresita

    Easy in and out!
  • Shannonagins J.

    Cheap parking and shuttle at Holiday Inn Express. For 4 days 34$ to and from! Super cheap and on time.
  • Ryan Veenstra

    Baggage handlers here are horrible! Got one piece then had to wait 45 minutes for the other!
  • Jeffrey Haddock

    United taxi sucks
  • Dan Pustinger

    The body scanners suck but at least the security people were friendly for a change.
  • Walter Walker III

    Walters taxi service right here
  • Cynthia Logan

    Great place to find good deals on flights.
  • Andrew D

    Every time I've flown out of here, it has taken over an hour to check in. Get here early.
  • Cookie Monster

    Can't get wifi here. What a bummer!!!
  • Sydnie Neblock

    Now you have to be 12 & under to walk through the metal detector. Everyone else is either going throug the scanner or getting a very thurough patdown. STUPID!
  • Katie Christopher

    David makes da bomb rum runners yippee
  • Mitch Davis

    Kick the tires and light the fires...
  • Jocelyn Fischer

    Carly is the best waitress in the Grille
  • Dave Rancourt

    The Allegiant Air ticket line is a mutha-fuckin' BIOTCH!
  • Nick Johnson

    There is a sandwich restaurant and bar at the gate.
  • Chelsea Wales

    This place is like a ghost town Sunday night.
  • Jeffrey Haddock

    Do not go 2 oz night club theres a lot of shoot and robberys there
  • Stephen Fickey

    Bring something to do in the boarding pass line. Youll be glad you did when the computers all crash lol
  • Parriss Nathan Hall-Miller

    Don't wear a watch, unless you long for physical affection.
  • Shannon McElhaney

    Didn't get body scanned. : (
  • Don Renyer

    TSA separated me from my wife, infant daughter, and other daughter by making me go to the back of the security line after putting our stuff on the conveyor. They were left waiting on me to help them.
  • Sheaira Deans

    Bagels upstairs!