Super Target

Address: 2747 Gulf To Bay Blvd
Phone: (727) 431-0231
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Category: Department Store
Check Ins: 14768


  • Stacey C

    Lots of great stuff here!
  • Ben LaMothe

    Be sure to check out the clearance section in the home goods dept. Usually they have some good stuff going.
  • Andrea Acailawen

    My tips: Great selection of Archer Farms pizzas in stock here. (2) The deli carries very few vegetarian items. *sigh* (3) The checkout lanes in this Target are usually very crowded.
  • Jason r

    Best eye place come see Jim he is the best with glasses :)
  • Amanda BC

    Always long lines and rude employees. This location lacks the customer service I expect from Target.
  • ThreeCircles

    Don't forget to use your Target reusable bag for $0.05 each purchase.
  • Chris Tocco

    I always dig the fact that one can get jacked up on Starbucks prior to the oh so common" dazed husband" look .
  • Anita McGuigan

    Don't bother asking the staff for help they are useless, don't know their arse from their elbow and walked off halfway through helping me
  • Elizabeth Austin

    Amazing organic selection and lower prices than Publix
  • A Bag's Life

    Groceries for the week: check. Bring your plastic bags back to Super Target for recycling: check.
  • David Vaux

  • Jessica Gardner

    Kind employees :)
  • Tomoko Kato

    For British friends: They have Boots section!!!
  • Mark Alkema

    Finally free wi-fi inside :-)
  • Adonis Paul Hunter

    Always lots of talent at this store... Thank you target!
  • Patricia Nemeth

    Great prices.
  • Jenni Nix-McGerald

    Never have enough check outs open.
  • Jacque S

    Sales on books
  • Ann-Marie Chilton

    Make sure you get the cartwheel app and bring in re-useable bags to save a bit. The Red Card doesn't hurt either.
  • Tiffiny True

    I didn't buy any but wow their sushi looks good!
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