Westfield Countryside

Address: 27001 US Highway 19 N #1039
Phone: (727) 796-1079
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Category: Mall
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  • Michael Sitarz

    If you walk through the food court you get enough free samples for a full lunch.
  • shannon

    Find the gum wall! Its been there (in its secret location) for at least 15 years.
  • Lori Pratt

    ppl watching
  • Travis Norton

    90% of the "consumers" here are under the age of 20. It's literally a large teenage daycare center for irresponsible parents.
  • Lindsay suominen

    Haha! The GUM WALL! I'll tell you what, its been there more then 15 years.
  • Jill Swartwout

    Watch out for the train. It will run you over.
  • Taber Nac

    The best Santa
  • Sara Finitz

    If you need baby shoes, Stride Rite is the way to go:)
  • Chilehead Craig

    During the holiday, they have the Countryside Railroad... ride a train (not confined to a track; someone drives it) through the mall for $3 a person.
  • Chelsea Doop

    The new Countryside Mall is fabulous! I'm so glad they cleaned it up so well. Most family friendly shopping mall in the area :-)
  • Kacie Durso

    Trade Secret is the BEST place to get your hair done!! :}
  • ThreeCircles

    Even with the recent updates this place still looks like a mall set out of Back to the Future.
  • Patricia Richards

    Disney store for lexi's dress up party night.
  • Natalie Horan

    First tip!!! Go to the food court to get TONS of free samples. Go when their introducing something new.
  • Kevin Segura

    Watch out for a skinny tall white jid lurking victorias secret and the mall 3 times a week. Call the cops
  • Shayne Dwyer

    Ice skating in a mall. What a great combination
  • Bruce Burke

    Try @Starbucks black tea with lemonade. A perfect Florida pick me up refresher on those hot days!
  • Kamella Grunert

    Good place to go there :)
  • Shelley Hageman

    They have a Ice Skating Rink:) Awesome!
  • Kim Gupton

    You have to go in Build-A-Bear! Where else can you make your very best friend?? :-P
  • Max Schoenfeld

    Say hi to Jenny in the Disney Store, you might get a sticker.
  • Dan Havelin

    Lots of people, stores, food, and entertainment for all. They also have an ice skating rink at the center.
  • Lydia Hampton

    I always check this Coupon App for free in-store coupons iphone: http://bit.ly/1vp2WTF, android: http://bit.ly/1mexCY8
  • Elliott Algarin

    People please pay attention to to your surroundings
  • Tray-C

    It's a HIKE to the downstairs bathroom and when I finally got there.....It had HAIR on the toilet seat! Very dirty....this mall used to be so nice.
  • Amanda BC

    The best mall in Pinellas county!!! Great food court, resturants, stores, and amazing theater!!!
  • Rudi Grub

    One of the best malls in the Tampa Bay Area! So much to do and see, including the legendary gum wall.
  • Bob Vandiver

    If it's raining or really cold, I like to go to the mall "before it's open" and walk inside. Wanna join me???
  • Mj Ionson

    A great mall. It's clean and professional.
  • Teresa

    Older mall but beautiful for how old it is!!!! That other guy doesn't know what he its talking about
  • Steven Zimmerman

    I don't get approached by Mall security here for taking photos when I check in with @Foursquare - just sayin
  • Ashley De Luca

    Papaya is the best store in this mall. Hands down.
  • Michelle Purisima

    Happy Halloween!
  • Becky Rokitowski

    The family restrooms are great!
  • Siairra Sterling

  • Alex Varnum

    Best mall I've been to n a long time!
  • Bradley Noblitt

    Very bad parking during the holiday. But good stores & shopping
  • Michael Allen

    Check out a movie! The seats shake. Not in every movie. But, I watched a movie with my daughter that incorporated the "full ride." Puts you right in the action.
  • Brenda Cooper

    Get a delicious smoothie at the Food Court.
  • Brenda Cooper

    I love getting my glasses at Sears...great selections.
  • Darren Bussell

    I love the smell of commerce in the morning.
  • Bill A

    Big mall with food court
  • Chris Ray

    Get a pretzel and watch skating.
  • Easy Figure International

    Shopping in a hurry is no fun. Today is a good day though. Merry Christmas, everyone!
  • Layla Nava

    Holy insane-ness. Christmas is not a good time to come back here.
  • Easy Figure International

    Great to be home for some shopping! Why don't we have a cafe at this mall anyway?
  • Andie Dodd

    New tea store here called CTeaC (Chinese tea culture). Skip Teavana. Go to CTeaC for better prices, better quality, and to skip the pushy Teavana employees.
  • Jamie Lee

    No damn abercrombie?
  • Jamie Cohen

    Walk the mall instead of gong to the gym
  • Jamie Cohen

    Check out bath and body works, yummy!