Bayside Bridge

Address: County Rd 611
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Check Ins: 15818


  • Trevor Blosser

    Check-In Driving is not safe!!!
  • Ryan Murphy

    Stay out of the left lane if you're heading North! Traffic backs up at Drew Street
  • James Harris

    Checking in actually helps me deal with this long traffic jam. It helps pass the time while I wait.
  • Tammy Amundson

    Do not speed
  • Miss Kelly Johnson

    Bridge is BOUNCY!
  • Gustavo M.

    Great view!!
  • Shoen Tripp

    Major traffic during evening rush hour, also watch speeds, cops will use helicopters to clock speeders
  • Laura The Rad

    Pelicans! That's all.
  • Miranda Blake

    Ridiculously long!
  • CJ Supel

    Driving north- can do 80+ mph in mornings. Just slow down before passing the exit for gulf to bay- motorcycle cops always sitting at end of bridge clocking people.
  • Tammy Amundson

    Don't speed
  • Teri Anderson

    Checking in is safe when ur not moving
  • Anthony Rose

    Give it up mike d. It's mine!!
  • Alex Pizarro

    Try not to be on the bridge around 5pm
  • Sarah Glenn

    I like to pray as I drive across.
  • Bryn Warner

    Use the proper lanes for the proper speeds. No slow pokes in the fast lanes please!
  • Yuly Gonzalez

    Look out for people